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About Dashello

At Dashello, we know many business owners are burdened with all the decisions they have to make on a daily basis. We are building software for 1 million business owners that will simplify their data in a relevant way to help them make better and faster decisions and grow their companies. Join the waitlist today at Dashello.co.

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What We Value

At Dashello, our business is deeply committed to making a positive impact within our local community. We understand businesses’ critical role in our local economy and social fabric. We provide solutions that support and empower them.

Empowering Small Businesses

Our primary focus is empowering small business owners on a budget, $1-100M companies needing tailored dashboard solutions, and solopreneurs/startups looking for streamlined ways to manage their ventures.

We recognize these entrepreneurs’ challenges, including financial constraints and economic uncertainties. By offering user-friendly dashboard solutions, we help them access and understand their vital business metrics, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly.

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Addressing Common Challenges

Many local business owners need help with everyday challenges, such as spending excessive time searching for meaningful data and needing help interpreting complex metrics. Dashello addresses these pain points by offering a comprehensive and accessible dashboard solution.

Our software empowers business owners, department heads, and professionals to track their metrics in a practical way, eliminating confusion and enhancing decision-making.

Diverse Industry Reach

Our impact extends to various industries, including sports teams and bridge engineering firms. By providing tailored solutions for tracking health stats and performance metrics for sports teams and industrial bridge metrics for engineers, we address specific pain points within these sectors, contributing to their efficiency and growth.

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Local Business Partnerships

Our commitment to the local community goes beyond software solutions. We actively seek partnerships with local businesses, equipping them with the tools they need to face the challenges of today’s business landscape confidently. The community benefits from increased economic stability and growth as these businesses succeed.

Dashello For Businesses

In essence, Dashello’s positive impact within our local community empowers businesses and offers solutions that address the unique challenges faced by our neighbors. By cultivating economic resilience and growth, we stand as a partner in progress, working hand in hand with our community to create better stability for their businesses and families.