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We’re on a mission to help 1 million business owners make better and faster decisions that grow their companies.

Smart Working

Do you ruthlessly pursue the most effective ways to get things done, improve processes, save time, and save money?

Kingdom Building

Do you build the Kingdom of God in everything you do while upholding your values and obsessing over helping customers win?

Consciously Humble

Do you recognize what you are good at, invite constructive feedback to improve, and win and lose as a team?

Habits We Strive To

Keep →

1. We have an all-staff meeting and personal priority speed check every week.

We over-communicate with each other and ensure the most important projects are always moving forward. We filter every decision by our mission so that we get the right work done.

2. We double-check our work.

We’re all on a journey of continuous improvement. By reviewing our work, we invite healthy feedback so we can create better products and strengthen our skills.

3. We spread the word that “Every business owner deserves to leave for home at the end of the day knowing their business is healthy and on track.”

We’re on a mission, and we want to share it with the world.

Every business owner deserves to know the health of their business so they make the best decisions to grow their business.

But in order to succeed, business owners need help. We help by building a business dashboard software that simplifies their data in a way that is quick to read and understand so they can make the best and fastest decision and succeed in growing their business. If you are smart working, passionately enthusiastic, and consciously humble, join our mission!

Current Opening we are looking to fill:



  • Head of Marketing and Brand
  • Video Editor – Long and Short form
  • Script Writer
  • Graphic Designer – Video and Stationery
  • SEO Post Writer
  • Social Media Post Manager


  • Security and Data Management
  • Full Stack Dev


  • Head of HR
  • Culture Champion